Preservation of Mayo Heritage–

  • Anyone with materials to add (pictures, artifacts, oral history, writings, etc) chronicling local families and experiences, please contact the Centre and talk to Tom Hennigan.

Tours of the Centre–
Tom giving tour in Cottage: (l) in front of the fireplace (r) speaking of things in the main room.

  • Tour Groups are Welcome!
    Tours and Activities can be arranged: Call or email for more information.

    See Videos of Tours and Events

  • School Classes: For both primary and secondary, students tours can be aligned to their units of study. (See Curriculum for planning for specific levels).

Social Functions–

  • Social Hall
    The Hall is available for functions: celebrations, dinners, weddings, receptions, ceol agus craic. Up to 100 persons can be accomodated.

    See Videos of events

  • Fulachta fiadha:
    Re-enactment of Bronze Age cooking place:
    fulachta fiadha, a hot water pit used to cook meat and vegetables, using heated stones.

    Some pictures below show examples of events we have hosted: banquets, receptions, Hooley...

    Social Hall ready for a banquet: set up however your needs.

    Social Hall for Wedding Receptions.

    Entry area, cottage and reception can be used as well.

    Wedding Receptions: (l) Arriving in a horse-drawn carriage. (r) Dining in the Hall.

    Hooley on Hennigan's Farm: 28-29 September 2012: