Tom tells the meaning of these two murals.

LEFT MURAL: A view of the Maypole Colliery in Wigan when the men went into work on August 18, 1908, the day of the tragedy.
RIGHT MURAL: Word arriving by telegraph, in Mayo days later, carrying the tragic news of John McGrath tragically killed. John was 36 and left a widow with eight children. On hearing of this news, Mrs. McGrath and neighbors set out for Wigan, leaving the eight children in the care of neighbors and friends.

Arriving in Wigan two days later, they were told there would be no more bodies recovered, as fire and explosions were erupting in the tunnel, which was then being flooded to curtail the fire. Nature takes its toll. Mrs McGrath suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized in the lunatic asylum in Liverpool. Sometime later seh was reunited ith her family in Mayo. One of the eight cildren Annie AcGrath, died in St. Anns Nursing Home, Charlestown in the 1990s.

Such was the price that many Irish immigrants suffered at the expense of emmigrating in the hope of creating a better future for many of us.

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