Irish Classroom

  – Panel painted by Gus Conry
"Late again Murphy. Why??" "Had I a spoon – had I???"

(on wall in panel)
A man severe he was
and stern to view;
I knew him well, and every
truant knew;
Well had the boding
tremblers learned to trace
The days disasters in his
morning face.
Full well they laugh'd with
counterfeted glee
At all his jokes, for many
a joke had he;

Full well the bust whisper
circling round,
Convey'd the dismal ridings
when he frown'd

(from The Deserted Village,
by Oliver Goldsmith, 1770)


Various items from classrooms in the area typical of 1908 to 1970. Schools had various type of desks from single desks to shared long desks. Chalkboard, maps and instructional posters were also used.


At left is example of a poster of the Irish alphabet.



Posters with Irish text (above) were used in teaching.


At right is an example of a story on the second poster of the hen and chicks.


Here is a student's project about "The History of Turf." by Mary Hanle.

"The history of turf as we know it to-day began thousands of years ago. Turf is the product of grass, leaves and mosses rotten in layers. It took thousands of years for the bogs to grow like we see them now. Bogland at onetime covered one seventh of Ireland. Bogland..."



Here is a copybook with handwriting practice of various sayings dated 1/12/1915:

  • "As you sow, you will reap."
  • "Whatever you do, do it well."
  • "Learn your tables every night."



Another copybook showing math work dated 20/10/1916:

  • Algebra problems
  • Monetary conversions
  • Ratios