These, made by local students, are models of housing, farming methods used in this area by our historical ancesters, from stone age (above left), to bronze age (above right), to medieval and Christian times (right), as evidenced in areas within the county of Mayo.






Re-Creation of the Parish Community

These displays include: a small room–with details of the story of our clothing–sewing machine, knitting machine and household articles...

... a collection of artifacts from the area, agricultural implements, and more. Items come from the local area gathered to preserve and illustrate the everyday life here in the west of Ireland...


... a complete cobbler's shop with all its tools and materials to make shoes and boots.


As well, there are tools for leatherwork, farming, carpentry, building, and many agricultural implements from over the years.

Hear about turf gathering and storage.

See a display of the works for making "poitín", distilling of the mountain dew in the sheebeen.